Thread Cutting

Landis Thread Cutting tools are excellent for producing UN, BSF, Whitworth and Metric straight threads, NPT, NPTF, NPSM, BSTP, BSPP and API pipe threads.
• Unequalled for producing Acme and similar coarse pitch threads requiring heavy metal removal.
• Face mounted chaser holder sets provide wide range and
oversize capacities.
• Available special chaser holders are required to thread special diameter and pitch combinations, to cut Acme and similar threads or when close tolerances must be held.
• Heads are locked in the closed position by hardened pins
engaged in hardened bushings.
• Self-opening action or yoke movement, depending upon
model of die head used, withdraws pins from bushings to
effect opening.
• When the pins withdraw from the bushings, the closing
ring rotates snapping the chaser holders radially outward
to clear the chasers from finished thread. Pins and bushings
are replaceable when worn.