About Us

A Tradition of Innovation

In the 1870s, Frank, a manufacturing engineer, designed a cylindrical grinder which Abe developed and patented. In 1889, they started Landis Brothers to manufacture the grinder. The company later became Landis Tool Co. which operated at capacity making their patented grinding machines.

To produce a revolutionary bolt threading machine, they formed a new company in 1903, the Landis Machine Company. Its mission was to develop and produce the best threading machines and threading tools available.

Today, Landis threading tools will run on virtually any machine … from a CNC machining center to a manual lathe … delivering world class productivity.

This Landis CNC EZ Roller threads a titanium Ti 6-4 bolt in under 10 seconds …

Franklin F. Landis
The American Precision Museum
Machine Tool Hall of Fame

Abraham B. Landis
The American Precision Museum
Machine Tool Hall of Fame

In the beginning, the manufacturing environment for Landis high speed grinding spindles (up to 50,000 rpm) was immaculate. Machines were painted white, workers wore white, and not a speck of dust was tolerated.

Today, Landis Threading Tools are produced on precision, state of the art CNC machine tools in a manufacturing environment that would make the Landis brothers proud.

So you are assured that when you do business with Landis, you are getting the best threading tools on the market today. After all, threads are complex, precise geometric forms – that’s why you need the best Threading Tools to produce them.

That’s what Landis delivers. From our history alone, you can see why we say with pride that Landis is FIRST in Threading Tools.

Landis is the strongest, most reliable Threading Tool Brand in the industry. We have recently expanded our capabilities to include those of Acme Fette (now Landis Fette), Geometric (now Landis Geometric), H&G (Landis H&G) and Vers-O-Tool (Landis Verso-Tool).

As Landis moves forward as an entrepreneurial unit of the Madison Industrial Solutions segment of Madison Industries, the spirits of Frank and Abe live on …