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For more than 100 years, Landis has been setting global standards for excellence in high volume thread rolling and thread cutting applications.

         This Landis CNC EZ Roller threads a titanium Ti 6-4 rod in less than 10 seconds. Faster than cutting. With a smoother surface. And stronger threads.

Why Landis Solutions Should Be Your First Choice …
Landis Solutions has expanded its capabilities to include those of Acme Fette (now Landis Fette), Geometric (now Landis Geometric), H&G (Landis H&G) and Vers-O-Tool (Landis Verso-Tool).

You get the threading solutions you need for your production environment–whether you need stationary or revolving tools, and produce on Swiss Automatics, CNC or manual lathes, or machining centers. We have you covered with the best products, engineering support and customer service available.

Thread Cutting Tools • Thread Rolling Tools • Adjustable Taps • Reaming Tools • Replacement Dies • Hollow Milling Tools • Cutter Discs • Tool Holders

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• FIRST in Performance
• FIRST in Application
• FIRST in Technology
• FIRST in Quality
• FIRST in Value
• FIRST in Service
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