Good News

Madison Industries is one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world. Madison delivers outstanding customer value through market leaders in filtration, medical equipment and industrial solutions. Founded in 1994, Madison builds businesses in order to own them forever; investing in the best people, technologies and strategies to grow truly unique market leaders.

Landis Solutions is a Proud Member of the Madison Industries Family of Companies

Landis is an entrepreneurial unit of the Madison Industrial Solutions segment of Madison Industries.

Our Customers

We are renewing and re-energizing our focus on providing outstanding customer service. Our customers are the reason we are in business. And we honor that with our best.

Our strategies are developed through an understanding of the customer’s needs and desires. The Landis team is passionate about its purpose: To deliver world leading threading technologies with rock star performance.

Our strength comes from putting the Customer FIRST. If our customers are growing profitably, we will succeed.

Our Team

President Matthew Brown heads up our Landis management team.

As our partner, Madison is committed to growing Landis and is making resources available so we can pursue our strategic plan. A strong plus: Madison can provide us with added ‘bench strength’ if needed.

Engaged team members are truly our main strength. They bring unmatched industry knowledge, technical expertise, application success, and an innovative spirit to every solution we deliver. Landis fosters teamwork, individual growth and opportunity.

Our people are among the most knowledgeable and customer focused in the industry. They have the advantage of making and selling the best threading products available.

Our Future

With Madison’s support, our long-term success will not be sacrificed by an overemphasis on short-term results.

Landis is in a unique position to seize opportunities such as acquisitions, new product development, expanded distribution channels and brand extensions in order to deliver outstanding customer value.